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Paul D. Stewart Ltd. -
Website Redesign


I had the privilege of working on a website redesign for an award-winning wildlife cinematographer, an individual who not only creates stunning cinematography but also operates as a thriving business entity within the field.

The goal was to craft a digital platform that not only housed a comprehensive portfolio of breathtaking cinematography but also elegantly showcased our client's identity as a business.

See the website here.

In crafting the website's visual direction, I aimed to harmoniously blend two core aspects: showcasing the captivating world of wildlife cinematography and highlighting our client's passion for natural art history.


To achieve this balance, I integrated stunning wildlife photography as the focal point, complemented by carefully selected archived graphics representing historical natural art. The result is a website that seamlessly marries our client's cinematic talent with his profound appreciation for the artistry of nature's history.

I employed ornate typefaces to elevate the design's decorative aspects, adding sophistication.


The color palette was chosen to evoke historical aesthetic with muted beige and green tones, reminiscent of aged illustrations. To balance tradition with modernity, I introduced a bold, contrasting green, injecting a contemporary edge while ensuring engagement in the digital space.

Frame 21 (1).png

These choices seamlessly blended history with a digital outlook, enriching the website's visual narrative and making natural art history accessible to a modern audience.

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