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Spotify.together -

Product Design


As the designer in a group final exam project I designed a progressive web-app as an external music sharing platform for Spotify, that would satisfy user needs and strengthen their brand identity.


The app created collaborative, algorithmically curated playlists among Spotify friends, bringing together everyone's personal tastes in music. The focus for this project was to improve the collaborative side of the app, making playlist related arguments a thing of the past.

Asset 16.png

After completing extensive research about the target market and competitors, I created a design guide for the application. The guide drew significant inspiration from Spotify's current style and added appropriately design elements used for the specific user interface of the app.

Group 212.png

Basic mock-ups of the Web App allowed us to see how we were going to display all the different elements such as the menu and content. This allowed coding of wire frames, as we knew how and where the content was going to be displayed. 

Basic mock-ups allowed us to quickly prototype the web app layout, facilitating a swift transition from visuals to coded wire frames.


The web app logo and loading animation used a play on words. Spotify.together, with an emphasis on ‘get’, helped spell out the statement ‘get together’ in one word. The final prototype was fully functional and exceeded the expectations of the test users.

PWA screenshots.png (8).gif

The branding and marketing of the web app was crucial for gaining users. The final campaign, ‘Leave it to the professionals’, emulated Spotify's previous tounge-in-cheek style of ads and received excellent feedback from our focus group. 


The exam project was well received, and was given the highest possible grade.

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