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Thorsbrenner's previous brand identity misaligned with the kids and baby products they are selling, which is why we created a new brand identity for the founder Michelle Thorsbrenner.

The new brand identity was aiming to connect the target group with the functionality of the products and thereby stand out amongst competitors.


The stylescape of the old brand identity.

Original logo


Original Colour Palette

Asset 7.png
Asset 6.png

Original Icons

Previous Brand Visuals

Asset 8.png
Asset 10.png

Insights from the research showed that a brand strategy is needed to visually and strategically show Thorsbrenner as an adventurous and inclusive brand that helps families organise together.

Choosing the new name Thorsbear was essential to the company, as it was a way to connect the target group with the brand.

The new Brand Identity.

Thorsbear Logo UPDATED.png
Thorsbear Logo V2 UPDATED.png
Thorsbear Icons UPDATED.png

The new brand identity is sporty and minimalistic, thereby appealing to its target group of adventurous children and active parents. Colours were kept naturalistic and gender neutral, and icons were redesigned creating a simpler aesthetic.

Additionally, to evoke the sense of outdoors, trees, bear footprints and map illustrations were added to the identity.

Group 155.png
Michelle Thorsbrenner

“I got in touch with Julia and her project group early 2020 and have since worked in conjunction with them on setting a new Identity for Thorsbear. The changes were all set in motion and launched in combination with my new Toy Bag Products, set to launch in 2020.

It was a delight to work with Julia - she is respectful to me as a brand owner, but at the same time ensures that the brand and what it stands for is always prioritized.”


-  Michelle Thorsbrenner (Founder, Thorsbrenner)

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